Deidra Kling is a published fine art photographer based out of Tampa Bay, Florida.  She creates surreal worlds and triggers visceral emotions through her photographic medium.  

Artist Statement

Thank you for seeking out and being involved in my blog, my art, my life.   Photography is a driving force in my life.  What I love most about it, is our ability to transform our dreams and nightmares into surreal moments that reach, touch and affect the world around us.  A lasting idea like a tangible piece of poetry.   And…. I am a sucker for poetry.   Which is why I have a blog.   I can not contain my need to combine words and imagery together.  I have been shooting, touching, obsessing about photography since i was 9 years old.    I love emotional art, I love expression, i love individuality.   I love strength, courage and evolution.   These things are important to me.   I am bare bones without this extension of my soul, this ability to create and give myself to the world around me.   What I do is not impossible for anyone to do, it is simply an obsessive desire to communicate.   Some of us communicate with song, with love, with words, I have chosen to share imagery.   It is a terrific tragedy to love something so much, so maddening and undefinable.  It is as if bleeding becomes a religion.   Chords we hear and share like children to the world.  This is what I have to offer the world, in blood types and fire storms.     Believe in what you love, give it all of you and watch it bloom.  

Again, Thank you.

I am currently working on gallery showings, creating a book, traveling, sharing art and affecting the world around me.

Exhibition History


  • The Basement. Group Exhibit Downtown St. Petersburg, Florida.

  • St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Art. Group Exhibition.

  • Group Exhibition (Long Beach, California)

  • Gallery Opening, Group Exhibit, Chicago, IL


  • Divergence Group Art Event, Ybor City Florida


  • 13 Arrows Group Art Gallery Opening (13 Arrows Tattoo and Art Gallery St. Pete, Florida.

  • MF Arts Group Exhibit, Ybor City, Florida


  • Davidson Fine Art Gallery, Group Collaborative Exhibit

  • Indie Art Show, Group Event 2016

  • Blue Goose – July 2016 (solo show in St. Petersburg, Florida)

  • 548 Group Exhibit St. Petersburg, Florida.

  • “YES” group exhibit (St. Petersburg, Florida)

  • Beautiful Bizarre Magazine (online feature)


  • Wolves Have no Kings – Group Exhibit 548 St. Pete Florida.

  • Last Right Gallery – Group Exhibit New York City

  • Creative Loafing Space – Tampa, Florida

  • Last Rights Gallery – Group Exhibit, NYC

  • The Cove - Group Exhibit. Exhibited Original Painting.


  • 548 Group Exhibit - St. Pete Florida

  • Station House Black White Gold (Feature Artist) St. Pete, FL

  • The Blue Goose - Endangered Landmarks Exhibit, St. Pete, FL

  • Black White and Gold (two artist) Exhibit with Artist Bekky Beukes (station house DTSP)

  • Self Portrait Show Group Exhibit

  • Files and Film Group Exhibit (Downtown st. Pete)

Curated Events

2015 Hellspeak.   Group Event.  Ybor City Florida.  Nominated best art event in 2015

Brand Work

Steadfast Brand

Us Versus Them

The Gypsies Caravan


Inked Magazine 2014 , 2015 (Print)

Pain Magazine, 2015 Cover Photo

Funky Fresh Art Magazine 2015 (print)

Dark Beauty Online Magazine series Feature 2015

Beautiful Bizarre Online Feature  2014 and 2015

Inked In Heals Magazine 2015

Dark Beauty Magazine 2017

2018 ModelelLand Magazine 

Bands / Artists

The absence 

Drit Skitt 


I Purgatory

Mallory Moyer - Singer Songwriter

Ella Jett - Singer Songwriter

Director of Photography and Creative Director

Music Videos A Gift for the Obsessed (The Absence)

Music Video Misery Trophies (The Absence)

Music Video Something in the Way cover done by Dritt Skitt. Recorded video and shot album art.